This brand is aimed to express the raciness of each artist touch as a human being , within the 21st-century young people and within all other people in the world as a whole.
<Ahmed Edition> pays special attention to each and every detail created, based on its own patterns and gives a new format to the embellishments used by the
original design of an artist.

We co-operate with the best craftsmen from different countries , so we try to help people not to forget their personalized culture “Express yourself” remaining stylish and original.
Each <Ahmed Edition> masterpiece is filled with love, passion and idea of giving a new breath to the mankind’s personalized cultural heritage.

A source of inspiration for the #Ahmed Edition comes from the great international Artist Ahmed AlMadheed , THE MAN WHO PAINT THE HISTORY( add the web-site)

An early talent became a hobby which he had polished and grown to be a profession. The start was in 2009, where he established his own company in media and advertising using his creativity and talent professionally. Through his company, Ahmed made a set of creative works, such as working on some brands, advertising, and promotional campaigns.